Line of Credit


Natural Food Distributor




Purchase of ingredients from China

Our client is a Natural Food Distributor in Queensland. Their growth was constrained by their ability to purchase ingredients. They started with a $50,000 loan and to-date $500,000 of financing has been provided. Access to capital has enabled growth and their monthly sales doubled from $160k to $320k since first loan. GetCapital supplements their existing bank finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember that we said we process

Our Line of credit is a simpler alternative to traditional trade finance. It is a line of credit that can be used pay suppliers overseas, enabling businesses to take possession of goods and turn them into cash before having to fully pay for the stock. We finance 100% of the invoice for you and the limit can be used repeatedly.

The Credit Limits are available up to $300,000 AUD and individual transactions start at $5,000 AUD per supplier.

We finance 100% of the purchase price.

Our Line of Credit can be approved and ready to use in as little as 24 hours from all loan documents being submitted.

For each transaction, the funds take approximately 3-5 days to reach the overseas suppliers.

Our Line of Credit can be used for almost any raw materials and finished goods.

No. The International Line of Credit can be used only to pay overseas suppliers however our Flexible Business Loan,

which is for any business purpose, can be used pay local suppliers in Australia.

The facility is in AUD however we transfer funds in the currency of the supplier, such as USD, GBP, CNY and NZD.

Scheduled weekly repayments are based on a 7 month term however the facility can be repaid and reused as a revolving line of credit.

To set up the Line of Credit we require a completed application form, 6 months of bank statements and in the case

of loan of $100,000 or more, we will require a copy of the APO portal and recent Financial Statements.

A supplier invoice and a completed Transaction request Form is all that’s needed for each supplier transaction.