1. You are a non-banking lender. What are the advantages I gain in coming to you for my finance requirements?
  2. What are the different loans that you facilitate?
  3. Your website says that you facilitate alt doc loans. What do they mean and how does that differ from low doc loans?
  4. What are the terms that you offer for the loans?
  5. How do the repayment schedules work?
  6. Do you have a redraw facility?Can I repay my loans early?
  7. Can I repay my loans early?
  8. How safe is my information with Getfunding?
  9. How do unsecured loans work?
  10. What is the Getfunding International Line of Credit?
  11. How much can my business borrow?
  12. What percentage of the invoice value can be financed?
  13. What type of goods can be purchased using the Getfunding Line of Credit?
  14. Can the Line of Credit be used to pay domestic suppliers?
  15. Is the Line of Credit available in other currencies?
  16. When does the Line of Credit need to be repaid?
  17. What documents will I require for this loan?