Success Stories

Get inspired with the stories of success our customers has achieved with simple business loans.

Loan purpose : Renovate the factory as a part of the business expansion plan

Product given : Flexible business loan

Business : Gift wrapping products and solutions

Credit limit set : AUD100,000

Our client has a start-up venture that deals with gift wrapping products and solutions. Their products are manufactured in a factory near Queensland. Since they started off a year ago, their profits have already doubled and they now wanted to expand their business. Their factory needed to be renovated and revamped as it was going to also become their client-facing office.

They reached out to Getfunding for a flexible business loan. They started with a loan of AUD100,000 with us and later on, when they needed to procure specific material from a supplier in India, they also took a line of credit plan with Getfunding.

What started off as a small start-up today does monthly sales of over AUD140,000.

Loan purpose : Upgrade the fleet of trucks

Product given : Vehicle loan (Property-backed loan)

Business : Logistics business

Credit limit set : AUD150,000

Our client has a very successful family-owned logistics business that has been operational for several years in Alice Springs. They recently approached Getfunding for a loan to upgrade their fleet of trucks as they were on a business expansion spree. Since we could facilitate a property- backed loan for them, we gave them the maximum possible credit limit of AUD150,000 to serve their loan requirement.

We are currently in the process of facilitating a flexible business loan for the client as they also want to invest some capital into marketing themselves as a brand.

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