We believe, given the right tools and aid every child has the potential to be successful. Our education loans aim to be the very tool that will enable them to reach their goals in life. Lorem ipusmn vote nibh condimetun newuiwenat fring.

“My family and I own a small garment business and we operate out of Townsville. A few years ago, a series of bad investments led us into a situation where we had to mortgage everything that we owned. Our garment business; however, has been in the family for generations and we decided to infuse fresh life into that and scale it up to a larger scale.”

“On a recommendation from a dear friend who has had a great experience with Getfunding, we approached them for a flexible business loan. They proved really lucky for us. Slowly but steadily, we expanded our business and today do monthly sales of over AUD200,000. We managed to cut all our losses and have been out of debt for a while now. Thank you Getfunding!”

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Andrew Ranger Smith

“My parents migrated from India several decades ago to Australia and set up their own little eatery that serves our Indian cuisine. Seeing the modest success that we were having, my husband and I decided to infuse more investment into it and open a larger place. Our business expansion was made easy with Getfunding facilitating a flexible business loan at great rates for us.”

“Currently, we are looking at importing specific ingredients from India to expand our menu and are in the process of getting a line of credit sanctioned through Getfunding as well.”

Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

Svetlana Gupta Cooper

“I run an online store for tribal jewellery out of my own home. While I travel as much as I can within Australia to source jewellery for my store, most of my stock comes from other countries such as Africa and India. Post procuring a line of credit from Getfunding, my regular monthly transactions with my suppliers in Africa and India have become easy and stress-free. Thank you Getfunding!”

Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

Sue Castings