About Business Loan

With Getfunding, any loan that is above AUD5000 can be yours. We offer flexible business loans, line of credit and business equipment finance as well as vehicle finance with easy repayment options and no hidden fees and zero requirement for security.

You qualify for fast and flexible loan options with Getfunding if you meet the criteria listed below:

Trading for at least six or nine months depending on the type of the loan

Have a regular weekly cash flow

Personal guarantee from business directors (Vehicle loans)

An under control ATO debt (Vehicle loans)

Have a minimum of AUD5,000 revenue/ month

Will use the finance amount for business purposes only. Loan amount will not be used for agriculture or developing property

A minimum director/guarantor VEDA score of 500 (Vehicle loans)

Have an ABN registered for a period of 48 months at least (Vehicle loans)

Take a look at the types of loans Getfunding offers:

Flexible business loans

Getfunding loans are specifically designed to cater to the business requirements of small and medium business enterprises.

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Line of credit

Getfunding International line of credit is a great way to finance your international purchases. Once your loan is approved and we set up a credit limit for you, all you need to do is send us your supplier purchase invoices and we pay them for you.

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Business Equipment and vehicle finance from AUD5,000 to AUD150,000

Getfunding is one of the few finance providers in the Australian finance market who provide finance to customers on the basis of alternate documentation. Our terms, like our loans are simple, transparent and easy to understand.

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  • If you have been trading for a period of at least nine months and have a minimum revenue of AUD10,000 revenue/month, you can opt for a finance from AUD5000 to AUD300,000
  • Fixed loan term of between 7 and 12 months
  • Interest rate fixed at 1.95% per month (total scheduled interest that is to be paid over the term tenure of the loan) with a 2% loan commission

  • No cost to set up
  • Loans from AUD5,000 to AUD500,000
  • Repayments can replenish the funds used and keep the credit available for future use
  • Simple repeat transactions within the stipulated credit limit
  • Pay only interest on funds used
  • Option to make fixed weekly repayments
  • Most competitive rates in the market

Repayment terms 3 to 5 years as monthly payments
Availability of balloon options 30% for 3 years, 15% for 4 years
Are you availing of a property-backed loan? For a total amount financed of up to AUD150,000, the interest rates are as below:
  • For vehicles and light commercial vehicles – 6.95% (no older than 20 years at the end of the finance term)
  • For trucks, trailers and forklifts – 9.95%
Are you availing of a non-property- backed loan? For a total amount financed of up to AUD75,000, the interest rates are as below:
  • For vehicles and light commercial vehicles – 9.95%(no older than 20 years at the end of the finance term)
  • For trucks, trailers and forklifts – 12.95%
Additional fees Processing fee – AUD499 / processed application Valuation at cost

Get financing for whatever you need now

What about the documentation?

Remember that we said we process simple and easy loans with minimalistic documentation requirements, fast approvals and expedited pay-outs.

So, what are the documents that you will require to get the loan application process up and running?

The application forms

And 6 months of bank statements (can be submitted online on special request)

An integrated client account statement (ATO BAS portal)

Interim and audited/accountant company financials - Balance sheet and profit & loss

Accounts payable and receivables ledger

Commercial invoice and certificate of currency

Director/guarantors identification documents